Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Playing with my cousins and uncle

The best part of our trip was visiting my uncle and cousins. My Uncle Max didn't really know what to do with me at first, but we became fast pals. He and I played tug a lot. I usually won. It was also great to meet my Grandma. Apparently she saw me as a puppy, but I didn't remember it. She was wonderful to me and gave me treats and lots of attention. Sometimes my cousin Fred came over to Grandma's. It was fun having him there even if he didn't play a whole lot. He was cute, but he did drool a lot! Of course, he is a Basset and that is expected. Frenchies are a little more refined.

I also loved my cousins Ace and Kona - they lived on a lot of acreage so we got to run a lot. My people cousins were really special too. They carried me around and gave me lots of loves. My Aunt Jill thought I was pretty cute which made me feel good. I really loved it at their house and was treated like a Prince.

I also got to play with Ziggy. He is a very big golden-doodle who I had great fun with. My mom and his mom were friends from way back in high school. I'll post a picture of him when we get it from Dana. (My mom forget her camera that day.)

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