Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

Our next stop on our trip was my Dad's family reunion. This is most of the crew.  It was sure hot - upper 90's and high humidity.

 Luckily, my Aunt Des rented a nice camper with air-con and let me stay in there.

To cool off some more, we got to go on a boat ride. It was my  first one and I was very brave, especially since I can't swim.

Everyone else was swimming in the water. I stayed on board to make sure everyone got back on okay.

 My very favorite thing though was driving the boat with my Aunt Barb. I'm really quite good at it.
As usual, though . . .
I found the whole ride a bit exhausting in the end and slept on the way back.
We're heading back home next. We're going through Yellowstone. I hope to see some big buffalo and Elk herds.

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