Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Fifth Birthday

I had an amazing start to the day with my very first birthday party.  My friends from the neighborhood, Scupper, Cheeto, Paddy, and Gizmo, all attended and I gave out treat bags. I can't believe my mom used pooh bags for that. I hope no one got them mixed up with the "official"ones that were also being collected!
Wearing hats incorrectly! What a clown!
Wearing hats correctly.
Scuppers parents created their own "Pawty" hats!

Grandma Yvonne

No comment!

Gizmo arrives by car. He's 16, but can still pawty!

Paddy arrives with his Mom

Great neighbors . . . Great friends . . .  a great place to live!

What a Pawty!

As usual, the excitement tired me out!

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