Sunday, January 4, 2015


One of the reasons that I haven't been writing, is that we moved in June!  I really miss running upstairs to see Grandma Yvonne and miss our walks, but the new (old - 1957) house is pretty nice and I have a lot more room. We've been busy doing a lot of work on it. I've been managing the contractors that keep coming and going while my folks are at work. New roof . . . new windows . . . new heating . . . new tile and carpet. I am exhausted!

We're almost finished with what we can do now.  Avocado carpeting is being replaced in a couple weeks. I can't wait. I roll around trying to scratch my back and get green fuzz all over me.
It has quite a nice view of the Sound and the mountains and the sunsets are spectacular. I just love how I can see out the windows so no one can sneak up on us.

The best feature though is our new neighbors!  My family has a penchant for finding good neighbors. Renata and Yanka often invite me over. I just love them.

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