Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer in Seattle!

Summer is my favorite season . . . Sleeping in, being home with my papa,  gardening, taking walks.   Life is good! Here are some snapshots of what I have been doing this summer. Even though Labor Day marks the end of summer, we have had a great one in Seattle.
Walking at Jack Block Park.  Great views at the end.

Growing tomatoes.

Harvesting carrots.

Sleeping in!!

Dad fishing.  I didn't go, but got to eat a bite of it!

Concerts at the Space Needle.

Passing of my dear neighbor Yanka earlier in the Spring.  She cared for me every day when my Papa and Mama were at work. We are blessed to still have her children next door.  We miss her dearly.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 9th Birthday to me!!  I may look a little gray, but I am still very spry!  I may sleep a little more, but still love to play and take walks.  Okay, maybe I have a dermatologist and an eye specialist to deal with things that happen when one ages, but doesn't everyone!!!  Feeling very blessed with my family.  Love to all!